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Host a Group Event with Prime Youth Aesthetics!

Looking for a fun group event to help you look or feel your best? Prime Youth Aesthetics has a number of great options!

Bond with your friends, employees, or customers with one of the following events:


Business Botox Party

A Business BOTOX® Party is a great way to bond with your employees and customers! Plan your guest list, offer light snacks, and relax while we take care of the rest.

How It Works?

A BOTOX® party is an opportunity for you to gather around friends, family and loved ones, at your home or at an event space of your choosing! The only difference is that in addition to the usual food, drinks and more that accompany your average gathering with friends and family, a BOTOX® party is an opportunity for you to have an aesthetic expert provide you and your friend injectable BOTOX® services, all from a location of your choice!


Medical Grade Peels

If Botox isn’t for you, we also offers medical grade chemical peels. No injections, just relaxation and happy skin! We can come to you and provide a spa-like experience for the whole group.


IV Therapy Event

Your final option is getting an IV Nutritional Therapy. Look and feel your best with nutrient-rich IV infusions, helping you reach your nutritional goals while enjoying quality time with your group. 


What To Expect

You provide the location, the refreshments, and guest list. We will arrive and provide professional aesthetic treatments. All guests will receive a complimentary medical clearance before treatment.

We are certified and provide medical liability insurance.

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