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Feel Happier and Healthier With Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Feel and look your best. Using our subcutaneous pellet approach to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, some patients report feeling symptom relief in as little as several hours or up to four weeks, but full hormone optimization may take up to six months. May report feeling the most benefits after the second insertion. Our Certified Providers customize each dose of pellet therapy to the patient’s needs. The BHRT pellets we use are made to replicate the hormones men and women lose as they age.

      Hormone Replacement Pellets May Balance Hormones & Relieve Symptoms

      Research has shown that pellet therapy has helped thousands of people feel their best and achieve hormonal balance. The use of bioidentical hormone pellets which contain bioidentical testosterone or estrogen. The pellets are placed subcutaneously in the body and release a continuous stream of bioidentical hormones. Hormone replacement pellets dissolve and are absorbed into the body. With more than 3 million pellet insertions, our Certified Providers personalize each dose based on extensive lab work


      Signs And Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

      There are a variety of symptoms of hormone imbalance in women and may include:

      • Fatigue
      • Trouble sleeping
      • Irritability
      • Anxiousness
      • Mood swings
      • Low mood
      • Night sweats
      • Hot flashes or flushes
      • Weight gain
      • Decreased sex drive
      • Discomfort during intercourse
      Signs and Symptoms Hormonal Imbalance in Men

      Symptoms consistent with low testosterone and other cases of male hormonal imbalance may include:

      • Low sex drive
      • Increased body fat (especially in the waist area)
      • Loss of muscle mass and strength
      • Reduced mental focus
      • Feeling of anxiety
      • Irritability
      • Fatigue
      • Elevated blood sugar
      • High cholesterol



      Q) Why BHRT pellets?
      • Pellets are often considered advantageous over injections due to their sustained release, providing a steady hormone level, and requiring less frequent administration.
      Q) Are the pellets FDA approved?
      • Yes! All of our medications are FDA approved. The type of pellets we use are high quality pellets that are encapsulated with vegan material. 
      Q) How long do the pellets last?
      • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets have an approximate duration of 6 months for men and 4 months for women.
      Q) Why does the cost for men and women differ?
      • The variation in cost between hormone pellets for men and women stem from differences in the required hormone dosages, treatment plans, or specific health needs. Factors like the duration of treatment and individualized considerations contribute to the overall pricing discrepancy.

      Q) Does it hurt?
      • To minimize discomfort during pellet insertions, local anesthesia is used to numb the area.
      Q) What type of activity can I do after insertion?
      • After pellet insertion, it’s advisable to avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, or intense exercise for a short period, as recommended by your healthcare provider. Typically this is for one week.
      Q) Do you take insurance?
      • We operate as an out-of-network provider and do not accept any insurance forms for payment.
      Q) How often do I need laboratory work?
      • Laboratory work is required prior to the initial consultation visit, prior to the post procedure (4-6 weeks) visit, and annually if you continue to enjoy pellet therapy.
      Q) Where do I go for my laboratory work?
      • Quest Diagnostics is the designated facility for lab work. You can schedule an appointment at your closest location. Don’t forget to bring your identification card/driver’s license. 
      Q) What should I anticipate to bring for my appointment?
      • Kindly provide a list of all medications you are currently taking. 
      Q) What is your deposit pre-booking, cancellation and rescheduling policy?
      • To cancel or reschedule any appointment, we kindly request a 24-hour notice. Failure to do so will result in a $50 cancellation/no-show fee.